• - We perform our services according to elementary principles of ethics, integrity, professional quality, and transparency.
  • We respect our commitments and act in observance of the law.
  • We act with responsibility, timeliness, seriousness, and discretion.
  • We provide a personal service, hand-in-hand with our clients.
  • We foster sound agreements and fair relationships, sustainable in the long term, between the parties concerned.
  • We are committed to the sustainable development of the country, and we believe in the conciliation of groups with miscellaneous social, corporate, cultural, regional, and local interests.
  • We are committed to contributing with our knowledge and experience to pro bono activities with a social projection to benefit the community.
Av. Encalada No. 1257 oficina 605  |  Centro Empresarial La Encalada Santiago de Surco, Lima - Perú  |  Telf.: (511) 622-3015