• The structuring of Funds and Trusts: Guarantee, cash-flows, administration, management, real estate, mine closure, forestry, etc
  • General advice on trust-related matters.
  • Development of banking and financial products.
  • Negotiation of agreements between different parties.
  • Management and intermediation of investments, purchase-sale transactions, corporate restructuring.
  • Business agreements among shareholders.
  • Preparation and negotiation of family protocols and agreements in family companies.
  • Comprehensive solutions to common estates, including estates of inheritance and family estates.
  • Specialized legal advice.
  • Entering into contracts, conventions, and agreements in general.
  • Management of agreements or social licenses with adjacent communities for carrying out production activities (mining, electricity, gas, forestry, oil, agribusiness).
  • Advice at the beginning of investment projects, issuing of securities, development of “bankable” projects.
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